Oakland County Tree Trimming

Alpine believes that in many cases not all trees need to be removed but better yet a good trimming is in need.  Unlike many other companies our goal is to help save and preserve your trees throughout your yard not just cut them all down.  Many trees can be trimmed year around but some species have specific trimming seasons.


OAK TREES – It is highly recommended that all species of Oaks are trimmed while they are dormant.  The oak trees, although very large and strong, are very susceptible to diseases that can and in most cases will kill the tree.   Alpine tree refuses to take the risk of disease transfer and will only trim Oaks beginning in November, after we receive 2-3 heavy frosts and we stop the trimming of Oak trees at the end of March. This is when Oaks begin to produce their buds, this being a tell tail sign that they are no longer in dormancy.


AMERICAN ELM TREES – American Elms have also been hit in recent years with Dutch Elm Disease which is a disease that rapidly kills the tree. Signs of this disease include yellowing streaks in the bark, usually towards the tops of the tree canopies and bark that is falling off. This results in no growth of the canopy.  Elms are also a species that we will only trim from November to March to lower the risk of disease transfer.


Another question we are asked a lot when it comes to properly trimming and maintaining trees is if we will top large trees such as maples and or large oak trees in the trimming season.  This can be done be we highly recommend against this procedure and let us explain why.  When removing the top portion of a tree you are changing the genetic growth of the tree. Large tree species naturally grow taller than they do in width.  By topping many species of trees you cause the tree to change its growing genetics.  It will then begin to grow wider and much thicker more like a bush or ornamental tree.  This can increase the risk of storm damage and crowding of the space that the tree is provided to grow in.  So again we HIGHLY recommend not topping large species of trees.


We also specialize in Ornamental trimming for your designer trees that surround your home that add high amounts of contrast to your landscaping.  Keeping these trees such as Flowering Dogwoods, Red Buds, Japanese Maples, Crab Trees and many more, Topped, Shaped, Dead wooded and Thinned out promotes the health of the tree and also gives your home a custom look when everything is completely uniformed.  This service also includes shrubs, hedges and all other landscape related plants that can be trimmed.



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