Plant Health Care Oakland County MI

Plant health care is very important in maintaining a healthy eco system of trees and shrubs throughout your yard and landscape. Alpine offers many types of fertilization methods to improve and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. These include the following.


Granular Deep Root Feedings (GOOD) – This is a granular product that is placed in the ground around the drip line of the tree that is a slow release product.  This helps to trickle feed your trees for approximately 6 months depending on watering conditions and location of fertilizing site.


Liquid Fast Release Feedings (BETTER) – This is a liquid injection system that also goes into the ground surrounding the trees drip line.  This is a faster releasing fertilization method that will help boost trees that are struggling from disease in a much faster way.  This method lasts for Approximately 3 months depending on water conditions and location of fertilizing site. We highly recommend that our customers treat your trees 1-3 times annually. First treatment should be performed early spring for a jumpstart and to promote a healthy growing season. Second treatment should be performed as a mid-summer stress relief especially during dry season. Third treatment should be performed in late fall as a feeding agent for the winter dormancy season.


Arbor Jet Direct Trunk Injection (BEST) – This is an injection that is placed directly into the trunk of the tree at about hip to chest height.  This procedure is a very fast way to provide your trees with all of the desired nutrients that they need to be healthy and disease free.


Short Stop Application – Short Stop is a product that is used to control the size of your ornamental trees and shrubs.  This product can be applied to the root system after trees have been topped and shaped.  The product will stunt the re-growth of the canopy size for 3-5 years but in return will promote the growth of the root system underground. This makes the tree stronger and healthier because of the larger underground root system. How you ask?  With a larger root system the tree can retrieve and make use of more nutrients from its surroundings.


Tree and Shrub Spraying – This is a liquid that is sprayed onto the outer canopy of your trees and shrubs.  There are a few different types of sprays that we use to help control diseases, fungi’s and also to help control insects.This process can be performed upon request of the customer or recommendation from their sales representative.



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